Mix (2): Oh, I miss the comfort of this house

Novedades hay muchas, pero las exclusivas.... esas sí que escasean. Y por eso hoy les traigo un nuevo mix, hecho por mí, sobre Bilbo Baggins y la tremenda añoranza que siente por su hogar incluso cuando está a unos cuantos kilómetros lejos de ella. Ah, qué lugar tan acogedor... Es de esperar que Bilbo extrañe tanto su agujero-hobbit. Y bueno, ya, no los distraigo más y les dejo el nuevo tracklist.

Bilbo Baggins | Oh, I miss the comfort of this house
  1. Lakehouse | Of Monsters & Men
  2. Oh I miss the comfort of this house / Where we are /Where we are
  3. Always Gold | Radical Face
  4. You would kill for me / And knew that I'd do the same / And it cut me sharp / Hearing you'd gone away
  5. That Home |The Cinematic Orchestra
  6. Where the windows are breathing in the light / This is a place that I call my home...
  7. Home, Sweet Home | Erutan
  8. 'Mid pleasures and palaces / Though I may roam / Be it ever so humble / There's no place like home
  9. King and Lionheart | Of Monsters & Men
  10. We’re here to stay / Howling ghosts they reappear / In mountains that are stacked with fear / But you’re a king and I’m a lionheart
  11. Welcome Home | Radical Face
  12. You were never supposed to leave / Now my head's splitting at the seams / And I don't know if I can
  13. Ghosts | James Vincent McMorrow
  14. The mountain song / Matters not the thoughts of thirds / Matters only to be heard
  15. Hard to find | The National
  16. What I feel now about you then, I'm just glad I can explain/ I don't know why we had to lose The ones who took so little space

Sé que no hago las mejores mixes o los más sorprendentes tracklists pero me gusta trabajar en esto, así que ¡los escuchan porque los escuchan! Vale, vale, no tan así... Pero si me gustaría mucho que lo escucharan.


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